Using First aid Certificates to Prevent Dementia-related Deaths

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are two of the most common and inevitable consequences of growing old not just in Canada, but in other countries as well. It is because of this inevitability that its cost of care increases almost every year. It has been reported that the average family or individual spends $32,865 annually on Dementia or Alzheimer’s. However in spite of these high numbers, the death rate of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is still on the rise.

What is the actual death rate for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

First Aid and CPR Certification in Windsor
First Aid and CPR Certification in Windsor

According to the World Health Organization, this medical condition is the seventh leading cause of death in Canada for 2009. In 2013, just a few years after this staggering number was released, it was revealed by several news outlets including Statistics Canada that this medical condition is now the fourth leading cause of death in Canada. This rise is attributed to a number of factors including the rising prevalence rate of this medical condition and the lackluster care that are being given by both healthcare professionals as well as guardians and caregivers who have little to no medical training.

What is the prevalence rate of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

In 2009, it was revealed by the Alzheimer Society that more than 500, 000 Canadians are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. They also projected that this number will most likely double or triple in the coming years. It has also been reported that there will be more than 250, 000 new cases of this medical condition in the future. This is partly because of the fact that those who were born during the baby boom generation or era are now beginning to hit the age when this medical condition is more likely to develop.

How capable are the current healthcare facilities?

With the expected increase in the number of patients who are suffering from this medical condition, one would think that nursing homes are preparing themselves with better equipment and well-trained staff. However, recent reports indicate otherwise. In December 2013, a 73-year old woman who was suffering from dementia was found dead in an area a few kilometers aware from her nursing home in British Columbia after she was able to escape. Just a few months before this incident, a 91-year old patient also died from falling off the second floor window of the hospital.

If these accidents and deaths can happen in a facility which specializes in senior care, it can happen to patients who are not confined in a healthcare facility. By acquiring first aid certificates, these unnecessary deaths and injuries will be avoided. This is why taking a first aid course is a must not just for healthcare professionals but also for those who are taking care of patients who are suffering from this medical condition.

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