Different Types of First Aid Certificates for the Workplace

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In an effort to reduce the fatality and injury rates in Canada, businesses are required by the government and many health institutions such as St Mark James to have an ample number of employees who have first aid certificates. However, since certain industries have higher fatality and injury rates than others, businesses that belong in these sectors are required to have employees who are more highly-trained in first aid and CPR and have different types of first aid certificates. This is why it is important to learn about the different types of first aid certificates that are relevant in the workplace. Here are some of them.

Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate

First aid certificate
Practical First Aid Training

In order to obtain this certificate, trainees should have mastery of the basic concepts in first aid and CPR which include wound care, breathing and circulation emergencies, first aid for cardiac and circulatory illnesses, basics of EMS and responding to emergencies. This course is normally completed within eight hours of training.

Standard First Aid and CPR

Aside from the topics that are covered in emergency first aid and CPR certificate, trainees are also expected to have mastery in dealing with poison victims, environmental emergencies, sudden medical emergencies as well as skeletal system and head injuries.

Advanced First Aid

In advanced first aid, the topics that are covered in covered in standard and emergency first aid training are discussed in further detail with the addition of more advanced topics such as pharmacology, pelvic and chest injuries, heat and cold emergencies. Special cases such as emergency childbirth or labor, medical emergencies experienced by people with special needs and dealing with multiple casualties are also discussed.

First Responder Certificate

The course contents of a first aid responder training is usually similar to advanced first aid training with the exception of a few topics such as pharmacology. This type of training is normally required in industries that have very minimal to no cases of fatality or injuries.

Emergency Medical Responder Certificate

Designed to be more advanced than the first aid responder training but more affordable and basic than advanced first aid training, emergency medical responder training contains all of the topics that are covered in first aid training with an additional topic of pharmacology. It is advisable for business establishments who also have very minimal fatality or injury rates since it covers less topics than those that are covered in advanced first aid training.

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