CPR Certification

The major four first aid providers also offer CPR certification. They all offer the same stand-alone CPR classes. These classes offer no certification in first aid and only offer certificates that include CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED). These courses are shorter and cheaper than combined first aid and CPR classes.

Stand-alone CPR certification providers:

The following is a list of the major providers that offer CPR certification:

These are the different CPR levels:

CPR level “A” – This CPR course is the most basic level of CPR. It includes training and certification in the use of AEDs. Candidates enrolled in this course will learn about using CPR on adult and child victims. This is a 3 to a 4-hour course that costs anywhere from 45 to 90 dollars. No re-certification courses are available for this course. The certificate upon completion is valid for 3 years.

CPR level “B” – This CPR level is being taken out of the program as its material is already covered in CPR level “A”.

Checking the victim for signs of life
Get your CPR and AED certificate that meets ILCOR standards by enrolling with one of our popular providers.

CPR level “C” – This CPR level is one of the most popular courses offered through the 4 major providers. It is a 5-hour course that includes CPR rescues for adult, child, and infant victims. AED certification and training are included in this course. Course cost varies from 55 to 100 dollars depending on provider and location. All material covered in CPR “A” and “B” is included in the content.

Health care provider CPR – CPR “HCP” – This CPR level is the most comprehensive stand-alone CPR course available through the major providers. It is a course designed for candidates working in or planning on working in the health care industry. Candidates will learn all of the material covered in CPR “A”, “B”, and “C” and learn additional skills such as working with a bag-valve-mask and with other trained rescuers. The course includes certification and training in the use of AEDs. Upon completion of the course candidates will receive a CPR “HCP” and AED certificate that is valid for 3 years.

Regardless of what course you choose we recommend that you take any CPR course so that you are confident and able to rescue the life of a loved one, stranger, friend, or co-worker. Register today and give your resume a boost with a CPR certificate.