First Aid Procedure For A Foreign Object Inhaled

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Handling a patient Chocked By an Inhaled Foreign Object
Handling a patient Chocked By an Inhaled Foreign Object

One of the most common accidents that occur in the home is choking. This is the reason why individuals must know how to deal with cases where one has to provide first aid for a foreign object inhaled. To make this knowledge available for many people, recommends what is referred to as the ‘five and five’ approach. Below is the use of this technique as well as its explanation in greater detail.

–          Give 5 blows to the back. The first of the ‘five and five’ techniques, this constitutes a fundamental step in the first aid provided for a foreign object inhaled.

–          The second step in this approach involves giving five abdominal thrusts. This First aid technique is also referred to as the Heimlich maneuver. How do you do this? First, stand behind the victim and wrap your hands around their waist. Make sure that the victim is slightly bent. You will then make a fist using one hand and place the fisted hand just above the victim’s navel region. The next step is to hold your fisted hand with the free hand before forcing a quick thrust upwards. The easiest way to do this is to act as though you are trying to lift the individual up. Repeat this process 5 times. If the foreign object inhaled does not get eliminated this way, repeat the five and five’ approach.

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–          If the object is not eliminated even with the Heimlich technique, make sure to alternate between the thrusts and the blows.

Take note that if you are the only other person in the vicinity of the patient, it is available to first carry out the steps outlined above before proceeding to call 911. This is because when the process is reversed, it causes the loss of precious minutes during which the patient could either survive or succumb.

What happens when you are the victim of a foreign object inhaled?

This is not an uncommon scenario as there are incidents which have been reported where one is all alone. Here are techniques to assist you to carry out the Heimlich technique on your own.

–          Call 911 before you embark on the techniques indicated below.

–          Make a fist with one hand and place the hand just above your navel region.

–          Clasp your fist with the other free hand as though you are in pain.

–          Bend over a raised surface such as a kitchen countertop.

–          Thrust your fist inwards and upwards continuously.

–          Repeat this procedure until the foreign object is dislodged or until professional medical help arrives.

Take note that there are slight modifications to the Heimlich technique in pregnant women and overweight persons. This is because instead of placing the fisted hand above the navel region, the first aider places their hand at the middle part of the chest and follows this through with 5 compressions in a bid to get rid of the foreign object inhaled.

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