Why you need vibration exercise machines

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Carrying out daily exercise is not only a good way of enhancing health, but it also makes the body strong. This means that the body develops more endurance and resistance against accident and other medical emergencies such as fractures. To get all the benefits of exercising, it is important to make the use of a vibration exercise machines because of the following benefits.

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Boost bone and muscle strength

While doing the exercises, muscles contract one to two times per second while when exercising on the vibration machine, the muscles contract thirty to fifty times every second. When you exercise on other sources, only 40 percent of muscle fibers get involved, but while using the machine, 90 percent of the muscle fibers get involved in the exercising. This leads to increase in the muscle strength and density of the bones.


Boost hormone production

Vibration exercise machines boost the production of human growth hormones. This leads to the improvement of the regenerability and repairing of the body and assist in repairing of the damaged hard and soft tissues. There is also increase in the serotonin level after the use of the machine. Serotonin plays a vital role in providing positive feeling such as happiness and improvement of well being.  Use of the machine during exercise help reduce the amount of cortisol leading to suppression of anxiety and stress.


Vibration exercise machines help improve immune systemfirst aid kits

Vibration exercise machines lead to increased muscle contractions. This leads to the stimulation of the lymph glands in the body. The glands help produce and store immune cells that help in reduction of the spread of diseases. The stimulation also leads to increased flow of lymph throughout the entire body leading to initiation of a strong immune system. When muscles contract, there is increased circulation of the blood that provides more oxygen to the body tissues leading to increased body energy.


Enhance metabolism

With more contraction of the muscles, they get stronger and start consuming food more efficiently. The increased blood circulation help increase the level of body energy. The two factors lead to more burning of fat and calories resulting to enhanced metabolism.


Provides strength to joints and relief from the pain

Use of vibration exercise machines lead to increased strength of the muscles, thus helping strengthen the joint muscles too. This helps stabilize the entire body and spine. This does not only improve flexibility, but also improve the functioning of the joints. Enhanced circulation of the blood also helps in removal of toxic wastes and other pain causing agents from the spine and joints.

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