First Aid Courses: Choose the Right Course that Best Meets your Needs

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Ideally, everyone should some First Aid skills should the need arise to assist or

First Aid Courses For you
First Aid Courses For you

carry out any medical emergency. Taking a First Aid Course gives you the confidence to give an adequate medical care to someone in need of an emergency medical attention before a professional health care practitioner can attend to the victim. Sometimes, the victim might not even need a medical professional at all; providing a first aid service might just be what the victim needs.

If you are thinking a first aid course, but just want to take a particular aspect of the program then you are in luck because below you will find a break-down of the list of emergency medical conditions covered in First Aid Courses.

1. Common Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • How to treat fever or high temperature in adults and children
  • Handling cases of Concussions
  • Reviving someone from fainting
  • Treatment for food poisoning
  • Treatment for Heart Palpitations

 2. Animal Induced Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • Bites sustained from animals; for example: your pet (dog or cat and so on)
  • Sting sustained from Bees and Wasp
  • Bites sustained from Spiders
  • Getting reed of Ticks
  • And even Bites sustained from Human

 3. Medical Emergency Conditions as a Course of Wounds, Burns and Bleeding:

  • How to treat bleeding from the Nose which is common amongst children
  • How to treat any type of burn that is; first degree, second degree and third degree burns
  • Applying first aid to any type of wound and cut either domestic or industrial
  • Controlling pregnancy bleeding
  • Controlling rectal or anal bleeding

 4. Breathing and Choking related Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • Steps to applying CPR on a victim of cardiac arrest, blockage of the air way or any other breathing problems
  • Relieving a choking victim
  • Applying first aid procedure on an Asthmatic patient undergoing an Asthmatic attack

 5. Digestive Related Emergency Medical Conditions:

  • Relieving a victim of abdominal pain
  • Curing Hiccups; very handy for parent in the case of their babies
  • Treatment for gastroenteritis
  • Treatment for Diarrhea; also handy for parent with babies
  • Relieving a someone who is vomiting and or has nausea problems

 6. Injury Related Medical Emergency Conditions (like: Bone and Joint fracture or sprain, Muscles and Bruising):

  • Treating a broken or dislocated finger
  • Treating dislocation or fracture in the hip; common in adults
  • Treating a broken or dislocated toe
  • Treating a sprained wrist
  • Treating a pulled or strain muscle
  • Treating Head injuries

 7. Heat and Cold Related Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • Treating a victim of exhaustive heat
  • Treating a victim of Hypothermia
  • Treating sunburns
  • Treating Heatstroke
  • Treating Frostbite

 8. Poison Related Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • Treating alcohol poisoning
  • Treating Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Treating food poisoning and other poisoning related medical emergencies

 9. Urinary and Genital Related Medical Emergency Conditions:

  • Treatment for blood in Urine
  • Treatment for Testicle pain
  • Treatment for Vaginal pain
  • Treatment for Crabs

 10. Skin Related Medical Emergency Condition (like: Rashes):

  • Treating Heat rash in children
  • Treatment for Hives
  • Treatment for skin rash in children


You can choose from any of these aspects of the First Aid Course that meets you need or even more; you never know when you need the skill.

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